Exploration through Imagination

Exploration through Imagination

Welcome to the Creative Kids!

Creative Kids International Preschool is the flagship IPC franchise school in Kawasaki, Japan adhering to high standards in international education. As an International Preschool Curriculum Franchise, we take pride in providing a high-quality, international and bilingual preschool education in a safe, warm and nurturing state of the art environment with many amenities. We understand that choosing the right center to fit a child’s needs is an important decision, and we strive to meet the expectations of every family we serve.

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An IPC Authorized School

We meet all the high rigor and standards that the IPC sets forth for all their schools.

World Class Facilities

Our facilities were designed with children in mind, from fun to safety. We have made our school a small world for our students.

Learning through Fun.

We believe learning should be fun and when learning is fun children's attention span and retention rates increase.

Hear from the parents of our students!

our families are the biggest supporters and fans!
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  • The reason why I decided to join to Creative Kids International Preschool is, they have a very friendly and warm atmosphere, and the personalities of Damien and his wife.  At first my son was extremely shy, but all of the teachers were trying to help and support him.  Now I can see him challenging himself to try new things. He has many friends now and enjoys going to school everyday. I’m so glad that my son can have so many great experiences through the school events and the curriculum. I look forward to seeing his continuing growth at Creative Kids International Preschool.
    石田 稀之亜
  • We are so glad to be a part of the Creative Kids team! Louie joined when he was just one year and two months old.  I was amazed that he adjusted so quickly and comfortably within just a few days.  He loves his teachers and he is learning new tricks from his classmates every day. The teacher-parent communication method works great, including the online system. I love reading Ms. Momo's comments on the day's activities, and each night I look forward to seeing pictures on Facebook. I am looking forward to Louie's further growth as a part of CK! The school provides our kid a very bright and friendly atmosphere. He enjoys the activities that he performs with teachers and his friends . He likes the practical approach that followed, like once, he enjoyed planting the sunflower seeds and followed them closely until it grew taller. The practical exposure allowed him to interact with nature and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. All teachers are smiling, caring, loving, and friendly in nature. Best Regards, Selva
  • My son loves Creative Kids International Preschool, he even says “I want to go to school today” even on weekends. He enjoys learning through the IPC monthly curriculum, such as: recycling, space, food and nutrition.  When he comes back home he talks about what he learned each day.  His English skill has improved as well and now he can talk in full sentences. Also he learned numbers, how to tell time, addition and subtraction, and reading.  Knowledge and understanding give him more confidence. The school has a lot of fun activities, like a karate and swimming.  I’m so happy that he can learn motor skills in school as well. I’m so amazed that my son has progressed throughout the last year and I look forward to seeing his future progress in this great school environment.